How does couscous taste?

How does couscous taste?

To accompany, generally, you use meat, chicken or vegetable stews. Which works very well, since the couscous it has a neutral flavor that can be enhanced with simple seasonings — such as salt and pepper — or spices, if you want to add a more exotic touch.

How to drink parsley tea to lose weight?

To have the desired effect on the diet, the nutritionist's recommendation is to consume four glasses of parsley tea (250 ml each) per day. One of them should always be on an empty stomach: this helps to stimulate the kidneys and eliminate fluids first thing in the morning. The others can be consumed throughout the day.

Why does parsley tea lose weight?

THE parsley tea It's good for lose weight because It has diuretic properties that help to reduce fluid retention and swelling in the legs and belly, which favors a dry body and a more defined silhouette.

How to make parsley tea to deflate?

Do The tea is easy: just use 3 branches of parsley and 500 ml of water. Wash the leaves well, put water on the fire, add the parsley and let it boil for 5 minutes. Do not consume more than 1 liter of tea a day and, for a better result, drink one cup on an empty stomach.

What is parsley tea with cilantro for?

Relieves swelling and prevents water retention tea in coriander it is naturally diuretic, that is, it helps to prevent the body from retaining excess fluids, which would cause the so-called water retention. This retention can cause swelling. Still, it can also help with digestion, which prevents the feeling of bloating.

How does couscous taste?