How to call a person's guardian angel?

How to call a person's guardian angel?

First you need to take the paper and write the following: " guardian angel of (name of people ), use the powers of this candle's light to link your protege's heart to me (his name). Use the powers of this candle to unite our love, our passion and our hearts. So be it".

Can you light a blue candle for the guardian angel?

Green - Light up That candle to ask for health. Blue – A color that shows tranquility and peace, light up every time you ask for it. Lilac – To ask about changes in life, light the candle lilac. Orange - This candle should be lit when we are praying to the angel asking for energy, strength and vigor.

When to light blue candle?

Sunday: It is the ideal day for light up The blue candle . It is candle it is ideal to meditate and ask for good energies for the week that begins, it transmits vitality and inspiration. THE blue candle awakens tranquility, peace and harmony. She is also excellent at fighting fear.

What are the colors of angel candles?

Angels candle

  • Candle White: brings us peace, harmony and balance, avoiding disagreements, fights and arguments.
  • Candle Blue: should be used when the request is mainly related to business and work, bringing a lot of prosperity.
  • Candle Yellow: represents intelligence and speeds up reasoning.

How do I know the color of my guardian angel's candle?

Candle for guardian angel : choose the color

  1. Know the meaning of Colors of candles :
  2. Red: corresponds to more urgent and specific requests.
  3. Yellow: wisdom, prosperity and discernment.
  4. Green: health.
  5. Blue: tranquility and peace.
  6. Lilac: corresponds to requests related to life changes.

What color is the candle of Saint Gabriel the Archangel?

Get rid of all evil Then, around the vase, place three saucers and light one candle white on each one, being careful not to injure yourself, offering the archangels Raphael, Miguel and Gabriel . next to each candle , place a white rose.

What is the Psalm of the Archangel Gabriel?

Psalm : 39. Name of archangel : Gabriel (God's hero). Gabriel and the archangel of the resurrection and transmitter of God's messages. He brings new life and awakens in all beings the confidence to surrender to the Father's designs. ... Psalm : 86.

What are the colors of Saint Michael the Archangel?

who believes in Archangel Michael knows: " São Miguel forward, São Miguel behind, São Miguel to my right, São Miguel to my left, São Miguel on top, São Miguel down! It's done!". As you are connected to the gift of communication and truth, your color it's blue!

What is the color of Saint Michael the Archangel?

Yellow color

What is the color of the angel?

Archangel Raphael is represented by the color green, while Zadkiel is represented by purple. Archangel Gabriel is white, Jophiel yellow and Are blue Michael. Finally, we have the archangel Chamuel, whose color it's pink. These are the 7 colors of angels of the main guards and their corresponding archangels.

How to call a person's guardian angel?