How to make simple compost?

How to make simple compost?

learn to do one composter homemade

  1. The first step is to buy three plastic boxes. ...
  2. With a drill, make holes approximately half a centimeter in diameter in two of the boxes.
  3. In one of the perforated boxes, put some soil and worms (about half a liter). ...
  4. Then stack the three boxes, one on top of the other.

What can go in the home compost bin?

What food waste can be placed in the composter

  1. Food scraps. Leftovers, stalks and peels of vegetables and fruits (except citrus), eggshells, coffee grounds can become excellent sources of nitrogen.
  2. Boiled or baked foods. They can be used in small amounts. ...
  3. Coffee grounds...
  4. Fresh waste. ...
  5. Sawdust and dry leaves. ...
  6. manure.

How to make a bucket composter?

Ideally, there should be two composters per house. When one of them has the Bucket 2 completely filled, add a layer of 5 cm of dry matter and let it rest for 30 days, obtaining a dark, odorless compost, ready to be used on plants, mixed with the soil at a rate of 3 kg per square meter.

How to prepare bucket for worm breeding?

How to make :

  1. Drill several small holes in the two boxes intended to receive the waste. ...
  2. In the lower box, intended for leachate collection, make a hole on the side so that the faucet can be accommodated and installed. ...
  3. Make a bed with humus earthworm in the first digester box after the one destined for the slurry.

How to make a compost bin with two buckets?


  1. Place at the bottom of bucket 3 a layer of two organic compost fingers with californian earthworms.
  2. Deposit waste in a corner of the bucket and cover them with dry leaves, ...
  3. Repeat the procedure every time you are going to deposit waste, until you completely fill the bucket 3 (the process should take 30 days).

How to make compost in plastic boxes?

step by step in Cashier from the middle, line the bottom with sawdust; At Cashier that will be on top, place the worms with a little substrate and cover; Deposit organic waste in the first Cashier and then cover with dry plant matter. For each piece of wet garbage you add, add dry garbage.

How to make a drum composter?

The process of compost requires ventilation, which is easily done in a drum - just turn it several times.... Start the reaction.

  1. Add horse or cow manure to the drum .
  2. Add garden soil.
  3. Add a mixture of compost commercial. These products can be found online or at garden stores.

How to make a brick composter?

composter at home

  1. In your backyard, dig a hole in the earth at least 0.5 square meters and about 30 centimeters deep. ...
  2. Deposit organic material in the delimited space daily. ...
  3. Cover the surface with dry leaves or sawdust.

How to make a big compost bin?

Make a hole in the earth, at least 0.5m2. if the family is big , you may do two and while one rests, you fill the other. Or do a big one, of 1m2. A 30cm depth is enough.

How to make a pet bottle composter?

composter with pet bottle

  1. two Pet bottles two liters (empty, clean and with lid);
  2. Scissors and pliers;
  3. Thin sand.
  4. Earth.
  5. Vegetable peels, fruits and vegetables (chopped or crushed)
  6. Silk stockings.

What foods can we use in the pet bottle composter?

THE compost , in addition to being richer in nutrients than industrial fertilizers, it is more sustainable than other techniques, as it is the recycling of organic waste. How to do it: You'll need a pet bottle , scissors, pantyhose, soil and dry and wet elements such as fruits, vegetables and dry leaves.

How does the processing of a composter work?

THE composter it is a three box system. Two take turns receiving organic waste, such as fruit peel, vegetable scraps and even garden pruning. The third box accumulates the excess liquid produced in the process, called liquid compost.

How to make slurry at home?

It is enough to deposit branches, fruits, flowers and wet leaves, which fall from the trees because of the rains, in a container, which can be a bucket, for the composting process to begin, that is, the decomposition of the organic matter that releases the slurry .

How to use slurry as fertilizer?

To use it as a soil fertilizer, it is necessary to dissolve each part of slurry in ten parts of water. To use it as a natural pesticide, dissolve the slurry in water in a proportion of half and half and spray on the leaves of the vegetables in the late afternoon, so that there is no sunburn on the plants.

How to make homemade organic fertilizer?

Use seeds, grains, coffee grounds, eggshells, fruits, vegetables and tea (herbs). Once that's done, take the container with the food and put it in the first box. Leave the residue there, without scattering, and then cover it with dry material (sawdust, straw, dry leaves, etc).

How to make coffee powder fertilizer?

Recipe for using lees coffee how fertilizer liquid: put the lees of coffee in a container (250 grams for 10 liters of water), mix the solution and let it stand for 24 hours. After that period, strain this mixture and use a sprayer to “spray” your plants.

What to put in the soil to fertilize?

12 foods that can flip fertilizer

  1. Coffee grounds (with the paper filter) Rich in nitrogen, it makes the worms happy. ...
  2. Eggshell. Rich in calcium. ...
  3. Potato skins. It is rich in various nutrients and helps with foliage. ...
  4. Banana peels. ...
  5. Carrot scraps. ...
  6. Mango peels. ...
  7. Coriander. ...
  8. Leftover seafood.

How to make organic fertilizer with dry leaves?

How to make composting properly

  1. Crushing – with the help of a crusher, break up the sheets and add the burlap;
  2. Storage – inside a plastic bag, alternate layers of sheets crushed and litter.
  3. Wetting – check the humidity of the sheets in the bag monthly.

How to make extract from dried leaves?

800 ml of Glycerin; 20 ml of filtered water.... Method of preparation:

  1. Mix the glycerin with the water;
  2. put the weed dry minced inside a sterilized dark glass jar and add the mixture of glycerin and water over the herbs until they are covered;
  3. Stir the mixture well and check that all the herbs are covered;

How to leave the leaves dry?

spread the sheets between two sheets of paper towels. Put them between two sheets blotting paper or various other sheets of paper towels. Put this whole stack of papers in the open press, then close it tight. Check every few days to change the wet papers and see if the sheets they are droughts .

How to let a flower dry?

Put the bundles in a cool, dry place where they will not be disturbed. Hang them on the wire using the string, so they don't get crooked. At flowers will dry in the same direction they are hanging, try to ensure that all buttons are facing the floor. Wait 2 to 4 weeks for complete drying.

How to make simple compost?