What does uncharacterized appendix cecal mean?

What does uncharacterized appendix cecal mean?

THE appendicitis is an inflammation of the cecal appendix , an organ until recently considered rudimentary with no apparent function. The fact is that we can live peacefully without the cecal appendix without apparent consequences.

How do you know you have appendicitis?

symptoms of appendicitis

  1. Ache or abdominal discomfort without localization;
  2. Ache intense abdominal on the lower right side;
  3. Nausea or vomiting;
  4. loss of appetite;
  5. Persistent low-grade fever (between 37.5º and 38º);
  6. General malaise;
  7. Constipation or diarrhea;
  8. Swollen belly or excess gas;

Where is the appendix on the right or left side?

the cecum and the appendix stay in the lower quadrant right of the abdomen, therefore, a appendicitis typically presents as a pain in this region.

What could be pain in the right side of the belly?

THE ache abdominal in side direct Can it be simply distention of the intestine by gas, a common situation that he can affect people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. Usually this ache it is strong, in the form of stitches and appears after a meal.

What is right flank pain?

THE ache caused by kidney disorders is usually felt in the flank or in the lumbar region. Occasionally, the ache extends to the center of the abdomen.

Where is the flank located in the human body?

flanks are the sides of body , located in the lumbar region. The fat in flanks It's that little tire that forms on the side of the abdomen.

What to do to lose flanks?

With the addition of a calorie deficit diet, physical activity that combines weight training and aerobic exercises, and the help of aesthetic procedures, it is possible to eliminate the most resistant fats in the region of the flanks .

What is flank?

Meaning of Flank masculine noun Side; each of the sides that divide the human body, from the hips to the shoulders; the lateral part of the thorax of an animal. The side of anything; the side of any object. [Military] The lateral part or position side of a formed troop.

Where is a horse's flank?

THE flank it is the region immediately below the loin and does not present costal arches and, consequently, does not help to support the rider's weight.

What is tire sidewalls?

This is the cross section relationship of the tire with its width, expressed as a percentage. For example, a height/width ratio of 65 indicates that the height of the tire equals 65% of its width.

What is the back of the human body?

THE back is the region between the neck and the gluteal region. It contains the vertebral column (spinal cord) and two compartments of muscles in the back : extrinsic and intrinsic compartments.

Where is the animal's back?

the part dorsal or back (or "back") is generally more protected than the ventral by an internal or external skeleton, so it is the part that the animal expose more. Terrestrial animals generally have the dorsal towards the sun, while the ventral part, which needs greater protection, faces the ground.

What does uncharacterized appendix cecal mean?