What is an adaptable person?

What is an adaptable person?

Meaning of Adaptable masculine and feminine adjective That adapts easily; particularity of what can be adapted or can be adapted.

What is a serene place?

Meaning of Serene adjective Showing tranquility, meekness; absence of disturbances or agitation; peaceful: sea serene . Who acts calmly, quietly; which is defined as having no disturbances; quiet: slept serene .

What is Serna?

Meaning of serna feminine Same as senra.

What does the word child of gout mean?

1. son of the drop . Derived from drop , which is a type of arthritis related to excess uric acid, which causes inflammation in the joints. son of the drop then it can be interpreted by " Son something bad"; swearing commonly used in cities in the interior of northeastern Brazil.

What does gout slang mean?

Popular expression of astonishment, referring to something good or bad. Equivalent to the expression "of the plague". Jeez hard business drop !

What does drop heat mean?

[Brazil: Nordeste] Be very irritated or angry.

What does the word eita catch mean?

Expression of astonishment, surprise. - Jeez catch , did you hear that in theā€¦ Expression of astonishment, surprise.

What does C * * * * * * * * * mean?

interjection Used to translate indignation or admiration.

What does UAI mean in Portuguese?

Wow is an interjection used particularly in the state of Minas Gerais with the meaning of doubt, astonishment or surprise. It is one of the symbols of the mining language and culture and a term widely used to refer to miners.

What is the antonym of the word enter?

19 antonyms of enter for 6 senses of word . The opposite to enter is: 1. leave, evacuate, go.

What is an adaptable person?