What is the Anergicum corrector for?

What is the Anergicum corrector for?

THE Anergicum Broker It is helpful in cases of depression, low vitality, recurrent infections, psychic trauma (death of a family member, bankruptcy, legal problems, etc.), insomnia, obsessions and nightmares.

What is Traumavit for?

Description: The floral frequency traumatism collaborates in the balance of energy flow in cases of trauma and psychic wounds, panic, terror, acute fear or despair, conditions that left marks and promoted the vibrational imbalance of the organism as a whole. How to use: 20 drops sublingual 1x/day.

What is Neurovit used for?

THE neurovit It is a Coadjuvant that assists in the treatment of Anxiety, Agitation, Aggression, Mood Change, Behavior Change, Anguish, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Depression, Affective Disorder, Aging, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Insomnia, Menopause, among other energy imbalances.

How to use Neurovit gel?

It collaborates in the synchronization of the energy flow in situations arising from conflicts in relationships, trauma, related to energy and emotional imbalances. for better absorption of the product. The most suitable place for use are the temples and wrists, but it can be applied wherever you want.

What is the Floral Frequency Modulator used for?

Summary: Floral Frequency Modulator Description: Modulates energy losses arising from signs related to sleep disorders, such as physical and psychological exhaustion, irritation and nervousness,…

What are Frequency Modulators?

They act by vibrating resonance, awakening harmony and energy balance, thus being involved in maintaining a better quality of life. They are not medicines and do not interfere with their action, as they do not have active principles.

What is Fisioquantic used for?

Physioquant Kuthanis® It acts on various skin diseases such as eczema of all forms, hives, psoriasis, among others. It also works against skin aging, wrinkles and acne. You can also use it in the prevention of stretch marks, in cases of general burns or post-radiotherapy burns.

What is Flower Frequency Therapy and Vibrational Essences?

THE Floral Frequency Therapy It is an offshoot of Medicine vibrational that considers not only the physical body, but also subtle energy fields. The human being is seen in an integral way in its aspects: physical, mental and emotional.

What are vibrational essences?

It is defined vibrational essence floral as a compound of specific frequencies of molecules and atoms present in the human being and in nature. By its very immaterial nature, the action of vibrational essences flowers cannot be explained by pharmacology.

What is Quantum Floral?

You quantum florals have their bases of action in the vital energy and subtle. They do not have active ingredients, but provide energy information in the form of vibration to our cells through electromagnetic energy. our cells are stimulated and respond epigenetically.

What is Harmonizer?

Meaning of Harmonizer masculine noun One who produces harmony, who harmonizes.

How to use the Quantum Floral Harmonizer?

Way of to use : Apply 1 large drop of each Harmonizer in a region of the body without hair, (with a 30-minute interval between them OR spend one in the morning and another at night), 1x a day.

What is Harmonizer 1 and 2 for?

You Harmonizers I and II contains the frequency harmonic of the seven Chakras in balance and should be the basis of any therapy, be it vibrational or not. ... They act by balancing the seven Chakras.

What is Quantum Health?

The design of Quantum Health studies, evaluates and carries out interventions in the bioenergetic body. The energetic processes - body and mind are inseparable and that's why when we work the physical, their emotional correspondences are activated.

What is quantum energy?

THE quantum energy It is a natural contribution method that promotes many health and quality of life benefits, from balancing organs and glands, wounding, reducing pain and much more. The use of quantum energy focuses on giving the body an “energy balance” again.

WHAT IS Quantum Law?

THE Law of Attraction says you are getting exactly what you want. THE Law of attraction and physics quantum shows us that the entire universe is made of energy. ... This includes both what we call “solid” objects or something ethereal like our thoughts.

What does quantum chemistry study?

THE quantum chemistry studies concepts related to the electrons present in the electrosphere of an atom. This science is based on the principles of mechanics quantum , they were the ones who inspired the researcher Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) to propose a quantum model for the atom.

How did Quantum Theory come about?

Max Planck began by trying to determine how much light a heated filament gives off. ... He came to the conclusion that electromagnetic energy comes in packets, the “quanta” (plural of “quantum”, in Latin), and that higher light frequencies have larger packets, and vice versa.

Who created quantum theory?

THE theory in practice In 1905 Albert Einstein successfully applied the hypothesis quantum to the phenomenon, attributing it to the action of "photons" – light quanta. It was thanks to the intervention of Max Planck that Einstein moved in 1914 from Zurich to Berlin.

What are the principles of quantum physics?

THE Quantum physics emerged as an attempt to explain nature in its smallest: the basic constituents of matter and everything that may have an equal or smaller size. In other words, think of it this way: everything larger than an atom is subject to the laws of physical what we call " physical classic”.

What is the meaning of the word quantum?

quantum is an adjective that is used in the field of physics. The concept talks about what concerns to certain jumps of the energy when emitting or absorbing radiation, that are known like how many. the physics quantum , therefore, is linked to theories that are based on these properties.

How does quantum mechanics work?

THE quantum mechanics studies physical systems with properties close to or below the atomic scale, such as molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, and other particles. Unlike the universe of classical physics, in quantum mechanics the behavior of systems are still unpredictable.

What is the difference between classical mechanics and quantum mechanics?

At Classical Mechanics , the positions and velocities of a mobile are extremely well defined, but in quantum , if the coordinates of an electron are known, the determination of its velocity is impossible. If the velocity is known, it becomes impossible to determine the position of the electron.

What happens in the quantum world?

What happens in the quantum world is that the laws of physics are no longer deterministic, that is, they are not capable of predicting exactly where some object is, or at what speed: nothing here is deterministic, the measurements obtained from systems quantum are expressed in probabilities.

What is the Anergicum corrector for?