What is the meaning of aristocracy?

What is the meaning of aristocracy?

THE aristocracy it is an ancient form of power in which politics is ruled by a select group of holders of privileges that are hereditarily passed on and held within it.

What is the meaning of the words aristocracy and democracy?

- Aristocracy : the government is exercised by a small group of people, mostly nobles. - Democracy : is the most common form of government today. The people elect their representatives through the vote.

Who was part of the aristocracy class?

THE aristocracy is a political regime in which a class minority in a society has its own powers and privileges to govern. Usually the aristocracy it is linked to nobility, and the attainment of this power is through family heredity.

How is aristocracy characterized in ancient Greece?

Aristocracy was a form of government practiced by people who if stood out in society and was practiced in Ancient Greece . In the Modern Era it meant a group of people who held the power of the monarch by occupying positions in the administration of the government.

What are the main characteristics of aristocracy and democracy?

Aristocracy : government of the few. ... Democracy : government of the people. Cleisthenes is considered the father of democracy , creating the ostracism that was the suspension of political rights and the exile of citizens who threatened the democracy .

What is feudal aristocracy?

the nobility feudal it was characterized by hierarchy and by the relationship of fidelity to the lord whom he had sworn to serve. THE aristocracy , or the nobility, of medieval times was constituted precisely by individuals who owned land and some kind of influence or political power.

What form of government did the Spartans adopt?


What was the form of government in Sparta called?

THE form of government in Sparta was the absolutist monarchy, since the king exercised absolute power, in addition to appointing nobles and people who became important in society spartan .

What was the political regime in the city of Athens called?

During the Classic Period it was in force in Athens The political regime of Democracy and in Sparta that of the Aristocracy. ... In the aristocratic system, power is exercised only by a small group of city dwellers, who are considered the best among them.

What was the main activity of the Spartan aristocracy?

Spartans or spartans main group in the social hierarchy, the spartans were descendants of the Dorians and formed the aristocracy of the city, that is, they were the great landowners. They exercised administrative and military functions in the city-state.

What is the meaning of aristocracy?